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DWH Builder/ETL

Get data from multiple sources located anywhere and transfer it into your DWH in a unique way!

Reporting and BI Solutions

Out-of-box and Customizable Reports - real time on the click of a button. Drilldowns, Dashboards and Storyboards.


Plan your products with reliable information from historical data using the latest state-of-the-art techniques.


Forecast your Sales data in a reliable, convenient and easy way!

Who we are

We are here to help you and your business

In 1993 Matthias Wilhelm decided to become a freelancer to enlarge his horizon and to work on exciting new technologies.

In 1998 he created a Reporting and BI solution on an IBM AS400 which could show the Sales, GM and Open Order information nearly in Realtime. From this moment on the focus was to create DataWarehouses as close as possible to the transaction records.

In comparison to other BI Solutions which are heavy ocean liners we see our offering as a smart sailing boat which can change course quickly in whichever direction the business moves!

At the Moment our focus is to port our Reporting Application on HTML, HTML5, native IOS and Android. We will keep you informed.


You are a Freelancer, looking for new projects in IT! You are open-minded and ambitious in learning new technologies! You are able to work independently while at the same time being a team player!

Contact us, write to us about your skills and we can offer you good and well-paid Projects in Europe! At the Moment we are looking for

  • Freelancers with excellent SharePoint skills
  • Javascript developers
  • IT Consultants with excellent SQL Knowledge.


Some of the projects we are currently working on.

One Datawarehouse to GO, Please

Check your Data on any device while you are on the move. We build native Applications for IOS, Android and Windows Systems, all retrieving data from a common Datasource.

Sell-in and Sell-out Reporting at a glance

We created a system that collects Data from the Customer's Distributors, identifies the buying pattern of different Distributors and displays Sell-in/Sell-out/Stock Comparison Data.

distribute data from / to any source

We added functionality to our ETL Tool DWH Builder that enabled our Application to easily send data in the most popular formats (txt / Excel / XML / JSON) via Email / FTP / directories using our smart job scheduler.

Sales Analysis & Calculation For Copier Companies

We are developing a Calculation Tool for Copier-companies with Assessment and Audit Functions (running or finished contracts). It will enable creation of new contracts with automatic calculation of redemption, provision and refinancing.

Open jobs

We have the following open positions. Please apply if you are interested!

IT consultant

Understand Customer Needs, discuss how IT can solve these needs and finalize the option that best meets the requirement. If you are good at these skills, then you must get in touch with us ASAP.


We currently develop using Microsoft technologies, mostly C# and VB. However pretty soon we will be switching to Java and Objective C. If you are a Programmer who is good at coding and not just focused on one technology but can adapt and pick up any new technology then we look forward to talking to you!

Database specialists

SQL is a bit like your own language and you are able to get the best results regardless of what the situation demands! Contact us!

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